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Website Usability/UX Review

Roughly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before checkout. Slow load times are the number-one culprit. The User Experience (or UX) of your website is affected by many things including visual design, functionality, site load speed and website content. Good UX leads to higher conversion rates, brand loyalty and referrals. Poor UX leads to lost sales, frustration and complaints. Your website is an important part of your marketing so a fantastic user experience is really important, but due to the number of factors involved this can be tricky to achieve. Our Usability and UX Review will highlight major issues that your current site could be causing for users and provide guidance on what can be done.

Many studies have shown that the quicker a page loads the higher the conversion rates will be. This is relevant even if your site doesn’t make direct sales though as slow load times could also lead to a higher number of users giving up on your site before filling in an online contact form to make an enquiry. Other factors which can lead to a diminished user experience include spelling mistakes and poor grammar, inappropriate use of imagery and lack of clear calls to action. There’s a lot of ways poor UX can lose you money!

We’ll rank your website in a number of key areas including layout, look and feel, content quality, ease of use, and speed. Each area will be given a rating from poor to great along with practical pointers on what should be done, how easy changes should be and the likely benefits you’ll see by implementing the updates.

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