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Website Planning Services

Commissioning a new website can be a complicated process. You’ll probably want to talk to a few different web design agencies who may have very different processes, policies and prices. In order to compare like for like you should approach designers with a well thought out design brief, or at the very least a set of goals to explain what you need to achieve from the project. Providing more information at this stage will mean receiving clearer proposals from designers and, ultimately, the project will progress with fewer delays.

We provide a range of consultancy services which can drastically reduce the confusion that can arise throughout the commissioning process.

Website Goal Setting

We provide a free one hour Goal Setting Session which you may like to take advantage of when you’re starting to think about commissioning a new website.

User Persona Creation

When creating content for your website, or planning an entirely new website, it’s vital to understand the target audience. User Persona documents are simple profiles which provide guidance when writing website content, putting together feature sets or making design decisions. Having a set of User Personas means that content creation duties can be split among a team while making sure that everything remains consistent. User Personas are also useful when briefing third parties such as copy writers, designers and photographers.

We can work with you to create a set of User Personas which can be referred to throughout website design and build process and after launch as new content is added to your website.

Written design brief

A well written, comprehensive design brief can be the difference between an effective website and a time-consuming, expensive mess. Seriously, this is really important. As experts in the web design industry with experience dating back to the 1990s (which is essentially the dawn of time on the web) we can take the burden off your shoulders. You understand how your business works, we know how to write design briefs. We can provide guidance with setting budgets, explaining target audiences and goals to designers and creating functional specifications. All of this means you end up with a website that works really well.

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