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Website Content Audit

Let’s face it, writing content for websites is hard. There are several things you need to get right to end up with effective content that speaks to your target audience, explains your services and encourages them to get in touch or decide to buy. You need to get enough detail in so people aren’t left with too many questions, but at the same time you know that no-one reads anything online.

The key to getting your content right is making sure that every chunk of text on your website is in support of one of your business goals while also being put into language that your customers identify with. When we carry out a Content Audit we pull together all the text from your website from the about page to blog posts to labels on contact forms. We input everything into a spreadsheet to show which goals are being supported and which may have been missed. We look at use of language to check you’re speaking in the right tone of voice for your customers. Alongside the spreadsheet we create a visual sitemap which shows the content hierarchy. You may have some really great written content but it could be buried somewhere no-one will ever see it.

We’ll take you through what we find and make recommendations for restructuring site content to give clearer messages which lead to increased conversions. Sometimes this might mean we recommend adding or removing pages, in other cases we might suggest more granular changes such as changing wording used in headings or on buttons and links. By the time we’re done you’ll have a website that speaks to your customers in their own language about the things that matter most to them and you.

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