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Website Admin Review (WordPress sites)

A great looking, well written website is something all businesses should aspire to. But the public facing website is, as you know, only one part of the story. Behind that classy looking site is an admin interface which you, or your staff, may be struggling with. You may not know this but if you’re using WordPress the admin side of your website can be customised extensively to make day-to-day use much simpler and less time-consuming.

By carrying out a review of the WordPress admin interface we can see what, if anything, has been done to make your site easier to use and let you know how things could be further improved. This may not seem as important as getting the front-end of the site right but a lot of time can be lost by fighting against a poorly configured admin interface. Restructuring the admin can turn site updates from a chore into a smooth, enjoyable experience. And when your site is easier to maintain you’ll find it’s easier to keep up to date.

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