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User Testing Sessions

Our UX and Accessibility Reviews are a great first step in whipping your website into shape but if your website forms a core part of your business it could well be worth investing in User Testing Sessions. This is where we ask members of your target audience to complete tasks on your website and observe what happens. We get to see firsthand what they love and hate about using your website. Because User Testing Sessions use real people rather than web professionals or people who understand your business intimately we can see the areas where your customers are getting stuck. Even minor struggles with your website can lead to potential customers switching to your competitor. You might be the best option around but your national and international competitors are only a Google search away.

User Testing Sessions can be carried out in a number of ways and at different price points. What’s right for you will depend on the type of industry you’re in, what sort of traffic you experience to your website and budget. In-person testing is great as you can ask questions of the person using your site but there are other options such as remote testing.

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