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Free Website Goal Setting Session

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For your website to be an effective tool you need to be really clear on what your goals are. Typically many organisations think of website goals in vague terms like ‘number of hits’ or ‘unique visitors per month’. There’s nothing wrong with measuring either of these but what do these numbers tell you about your business? Probably not much. Every business and charity should have a set of clearly defined website goals which can be monitored over time. Without these goals it’s impossible to measure ROI or formulate strategies for moving your organisation forward online.

Does your website make you money?

Should your website generate leads for your business? Do you promote events through your website? How about making direct sales or asking for donations? By creating goals in these areas and, measuring the results over time, you’ll be able to improve conversion rates leading to more enquiries, orders, bookings and sales.

How much time do you spend worrying about analytics?

Do you ever spend time staring at analytics reports without really knowing what to look for? A clear set of goals mean you can get straight to the numbers that matter rather than wading through statistics which, while interesting, are not always that relevant to your day-to-day tasks. A clear set of goals will also allow you to prioritise which areas of your website content to spend time on as you’ll be able to see the direct benefit.

Where do you start?

Do you have a nagging feeling that you really should be doing something about your website but you’re not sure where to start? You have a sense that your competitors are doing things well online but you’re not sure how to get to that stage yourself. Implementing a clearly defined set of goals, along with a measurement and review plan will allow you to stop worrying about your website. In fact, it may just become the useful tool you always hoped it would be.

Let’s figure out your goals

We’ll help you to define what your website should be doing and the things you should be looking for in your analytics. Get in touch with us to schedule in a free one-hour goal setting session.

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