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Accessibility Review

Of all working age people in the UK 19% have a disability. By not recognising this fact many businesses fail to make the necessary adjustments to their websites to ensure disabled people can use the sites as intended. Making sure your website is accessible to all is a legal requirement as well as an ethical one. As you can imagine, faced with cutting 19% of your potential audience out of the picture an accessible website is also a commercially sound proposition.

Often talk of website accessibility centres around making sure content is available to visually impaired people. This is obviously very important but it’s by no means the only concern. Deaf people may require captions to be added to videos; people with motor impairments can struggle with poorly designed interfaces; even seemingly minor conditions like colour-blindness can lead to issues if not considered.

Our Accessibility Review will provide you with an overview of where your website is succeeding and failing to provide for a disabled audience. We’ll give guidance on what should be done and can help you to make the required adjustments. Our Accessibility Review is currently being developed in conjunction with Nimbus Disability Consultancy.

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