I offer a range of consultancy, planning, design and web development services. Have a scan through the services below and let me know if you think we should be working together.

Design & Development work

I work with direct clients and design agencies. Give me a call on +44 (0)797 6006 797 and we can discuss your project.


What: A set of documents that show the various sections of your website and how they should work.
Why: Wireframes provide visual designers with a starting point for their work based on a firm foundation.
How: Depending on the scale of the project I might recommend either a workshop session at your office or a phone interview. I’ll initially create rough pencil sketches which will then be turned into an online greyscale wireframe for you to click through.

Expert website review

What: An in-depth review of your website. This annotated PDF report highlights specific areas for improvement. You’ll also receive a video walk-through of the report highlighting important points.
Why: You want to quickly identify ways to improve your website. Or maybe you’re thinking about commissioning a new site. In either case a review of where you are now is the best starting point.

Website Blueprint

What: A document to get everyone (i.e. directors, account managers, project manager, designer and developers) on the same page before a project gets underway.
Why: The Website Blueprint is part design brief, part functional specification. It brings together the important points in one place and explains things in plain English. It may contain a high-level sitemap and rough wireframes of specific elements if required for clarity. It acts as a helpful starting point that ultimately saves time (and cost!) down the line.