I offer a range of consultancy, planning, design and development services. The common theme is getting you from where you are now to having a website that works really well for you, your team and your customers.

10 Minute Website Review

What: A 10 minute screen capture video, with audio commentary. I will visit your website and give my initial, unvarnished thoughts about what I find. I’ll let you know what I think works well and what doesn’t. If something confuses me you’ll see it happen live in the video.
Why: To get a quick, high-level view of what an unbiased, independent visitor to your site experiences the first time you visit. If you think about it that’s pretty much impossible to get from a member of your team. Even if they’ve not worked on the site they might have lunch with someone who does.
Cost: £50 + VAT

Annotated website review

What: A more indepth review of your website presented to you as an annotated PDF report. This report will highlight specific areas for improvement along with suggestions of potential improvements. You’ll also receive a video walkthrough of the report highlighting important points.
Why: I have over 20 years experience of designing, developing and testing websites. I’ve seen lots of good things and plenty of problems. I’m skilled at identifying important areas for improvement and, crucially, providing guidance to make things work better for your users.
Cost: £150 + VAT

Facilitated user testing sessions

What: Facilitated testing sessions with a group of three ‘real world’ users.
You will receive: Video recordings of the sessions; a report highlighting prioritised areas for improvement; guidance on fixes.
Why: Testing a website with 3 people will pick up a large amount of problems that are often missed when nobody outside the client organisation or development team is involved in the development process.
Cost from: £300 + VAT

Website Blueprint

What: A document to get everyone (i.e. client, account manager, project manager, designer and developers) on the same page before a project gets underway.
Why: Design briefs are for designers. Functional specs are for developers. The point of the Website Blueprint is to put the important points in one place and explain things in plain English. This is the document you wish your client gave you on day one that allows you to create the design brief and functional spec. It may contain a high-level sitemap and rough wireframes of specific elements if required for clarity. None of this is intended to overrule your design process, it should act as a helpful starting point that ultimately saves time (and cost!) down the line.
How: An interview with the client to understand their desire for the project.
Cost: £300 + VAT


What: A set of greyscale documents that show the various sections of your website and how they should work.
Why: To provide visual designers with a starting point for their work based on a firm foundation.
How: Depending on the scale of the project I might recommend either a workshop session at your office or a phone interview. I’ll initially create rough pencil sketches which will then be turned into an online greyscale wireframe for you to click through.
Cost from: £300 + VAT

Development work

I generally only provide development work for clients I already work with. Give me a call on +44 (0)797 6006 797 and we can discuss things.