I’m currently presenting a weekly show that goes out every Thursday during ‘the lockdown’ of the UK. The aim is to keep spirits high and play wall to wall feel good tunes. Here’s the latest episode:

Sack of Sounds

When not in lockdown, I host a monthly radio show called Sack of Sounds. It’s for people who love straying off the beaten path and discovering new music. Maybe you also make music yourself or know someone who does? If so, let me hear it! I’m always looking for the next great thing to play on the show. Email me at pc_radio[at]clarkcx[dot]com or Tweet me @clarkcx

The show goes out on Radio Free Matlock at 8pm on the fourth Monday of every month. All episodes are available to stream from my Mixcloud page. Conveniently I’ve also embedded the latest episode here.

The Neon Glow

Audio Interface