Always easier if someone gives you something to start with eh?

The Mighty Kids: Dust

Paradox: Persistence


Sean Eskimo

I recorded and released three albums and three EPs under the name Sean Eskimo. I no longer use that name as it feels a like cultural appropriation. I meant no disrespect, I was young.

Breaking rules (2012)

Metalogicon (2011)

Records for small children (2009)

English breakfast (2008)

Eskimusic (2007)

Eskimo theme / Jammy Toast (2006)


I always make music for fun. Sometimes than fun spills over into absurdity… or art?

Demented Music Purgatory

An album’s worth of unfinished tracks from the past 15 years. All stamping on each other and trying to claw their way out. Sadly, they never will.

All tracks start at the same time and play until they finish. Listen on headphones for the full harrowing effect.

Thanks to Ailsa for coming up with the name and concept for this. (i.e. she can take at least some of the blame.)


Pipkrakes was the product of ‘The band name game’ in which a random, unusual word is suggested by one player and the other player has to describe what kind of music that band would make. I apologise to French people, vegans and rappers for this song.

Whimsy & Rage

What’s under your onions?