Lockdown 2020

In March 2020 the UK, and much of the world, was put into enforced lockdown due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus.


During lockdown I kept myself alive through the creation of innovative breakfast ‘experiences’.

Social distance

During lockdown my family held a daily video call on Zoom. Each day a different family member was asked to write a poem to read. This was mine.

What’s under your onions?

While doing an inventory of the food in my cupboards I discovered 24 tortillas hidden beneath a large bag of onions. That led to the idea of a gameshow concept which was launched as part of Corey Lavender’s weekly Vanishing Point Records show on the Radio Free Matlock station.

Corey asked me to ‘make a theme tune by snack time’.

Rainbows in windows

SOS! (Radio show)

During lockdown I put my regular monthly radio show on hiatus and replaced it with a new weekly show that was broadcast every Thursday at 10am.