Stop boring your social media followers

Running a social media account for a business is hard. It’s difficult to get into the habit of putting the time in and even if you are posting on a regular basis it can be tough not to just churn out a stream of boring promotional messages. You can avoid this though.

How to run more efficient meetings

I used to think that I didn’t enjoy client meetings. I always felt that they were a waste of time and that I could achieve far more by simply communicating with clients over email. I included phone calls in my definition of meetings too by the way. I felt like email was a much more […]

Moz 804 SSL Crawl Error

I’ve been tracking our company website in a Moz Pro campaign for a few months and found it quite useful. Everything was going great until I moved the site to Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. Every week Moz emails me with a list of any potential SEO issues to fix on the site and the first of these reports […]

Why we moved to CloudFront Content Delivery Network

A couple of months back I broke our website. I didn’t mean to, and I should’ve know better, but one quiet Thursday evening I broke our website. It’s what’s known as a success disaster. Apparently. All I did was write a short blog post about the new Raspberry Pi Zero which had just been announced that morning. In case you don’t […]